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Carpeting & Flooring

A Rental That Will Floor You

  A Rental That Will Floor You You can use rented portable flooring as tent flooring or temporary flooring for graduations, concerts, trade-show exhibits, corporate events, weddings and more. Here are only a few of the reasons to rent a portable floor. ·  Attractive.

Portable Flooring Rental Choices Abound

  Portable Flooring Rental Choices Abound Portable flooring not only provides temporary flooring in locations that currently have none, it also gives you the ability to cover undesirable flooring at an event venue to create the unique atmosphere you desire.

Food Preparation and Serving

Serving Tray Rental | Where to Rent Serving Trays | RentalHQ

  The following suggestions will keep you safe and lead to greater overall satisfaction when using your rental chafers. ·  If your rental chafers use canned fuel, make sure that you stock up on enough of it to keep food warm as long as your wedding buffet lasts.

Chafer Rental | Rent Chafers and Banquet Supplies | RentalHQ

  If you do not know much about chafers, here is your opportunity to learn all about the variety of chafers available for rent. Although a rental store may not carry all types of chafers in its inventory, you probably will find one that will work for you.

Rental Chafer Operating and Cleaning Instructions

  Rental Chafer Operating and Cleaning Instructions To operate and clean your rental chafer properly, follow the instructions below. Canned-fuel chafer operation. Operate canned-fuel rental chafers as follows. NOTES ·  Use only canned fuel in a canned-fuel chafer burner. ·  Do not use rental chafer without water in the water pan.

Rent Tow Behind Grill | Find Tow-Behind Grill Rentals | RentalHQ

  Food often makes the party or event, but the behind-the-scenes grill, which does all of the work, usually serves as the unsung hero. Whether you want to cook out for a small backyard party or for a citywide event, rental stores have grills to meet your needs.

Rent a Grill | Find Charcoal, Gas, Tailgate Grill Rentals | RentalHQ

  Rental stores rent a variety of grills powered by propane gas, charcoal or wood. They also offer a number of related items you will need for grilling. The following material describes some available grills and accessories. Your local, ARA-rental store professionals also can assist you in understanding the features and functions of different types of rental grills. Charcoal grills.

Renting Grills | Tips to Rent a Gas Gril | RentalHQ

  Some rental grills may serve your specific grilling needs better than other rental grills would serve them. Your local, ARA-rental store professionals can help you find the best rental grill for your needs. When deciding which grill to rent, you should consider the following items. Power source.

Grilling? Rent it for Less. | Tips for Your Rented Grill - RentalHQ

  Although often used interchangeably, the words, barbecuing and grilling, are not the same thing. Barbecuing refers to cooking meat slowly over low heat to achieve a smoky flavor, while grilling means to cook the meat quickly at high temperatures to produce a charred effect.


Rent a Helium Tank | Find Local Helium Tank Rentals | RentalHQ

  Balloons filled with lighter-than-air helium stay afloat, never failing to mesmerize onlookers. Renting a helium tank provides an economical way for you to bring the joy of helium balloons to your next event. Here are some of the advantages of renting a helium tank to fill balloons yourself. ·  Fits all occasions.

Helium Tank Rental | Rent a Helium Tank for Your Party | RentalHQ

  Rental stores that carry helium tanks often also offer related items. When you go to rent a helium tank, make sure to rent or buy everything else you will need as well. Rental stores may offer the following items related to helium tanks. Helium tanks.

Helium Tank Rental | Helium Tanks for Rent | RentalHQ

  Before you rent a helium tank, know how many balloons you will need, so you can determine the size of tank you will need to rent. The following charts should help you. Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professionals also can assist you in renting the proper helium tank.   Volume of Helium in Different Sizes of Latex Balloons Balloon Size Balloon Volume 9” .27 cu.

Renting Works for All Stages

  Renting Works for All Stages You can use rental stages for performances or for elevating portable flooring. They can enhance a variety of events from concerts to corporate meetings to weddings. Rental stages offer these advantages. ·  Focal point.

Riser Rental | Rent Risers and Stage Equipment Locally | RentalHQ

  Your local ARA rental store professionals can help you find the perfect solution for your staging needs. They can advise you of the pros and cons of different stage setups. For example, they may inform you of the best stages for outdoor or indoor settings, different stage load ratings, proper bracing requirements, stage components needed for various configurations and local code regulations pertaining to stages.

Rent Games | Find Local Casino and Party Game Rentals | RentalHQ

  The popularity of casinos has spread throughout the United States. Now you can create your own casino atmosphere by renting casino games for a casino night — sometimes also called a Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Atlantic City night. At these events, the host or sponsor gives guests fake money or chips to gamble on their favorite games.

Game Rentals | Rent Party and Casino Games Here | RentalHQ

  Many rental stores rent a variety of casino games and related products that will make your casino night event fun and exciting. Here are some possible rental options. Gaming tables. Rental stores carry a variety of authentic-looking gaming tables, such as the ones needed for blackjack, craps, roulette with wheel and poker, including Texas hold ’em. Gaming table covers.

Casino Night Planning Checklist

  Casino Night Planning Checklist If you are not sure where to begin planning your casino night, the following checklist can guide you through the process. Your ARA-affiliated rental store professionals also can advise you on how to make your casino night a success. 1.      Estimate the number of guests.

Carnival & Birthday Rental Solution? Cotton Candy Machines

  The first recorded use of a cotton candy machine took place a little more than a century ago at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Since then, this fluffy, sugary treat, which turns fingers sticky after a few bites, has become a favorite of young and old alike at county fairs, carnivals, circuses and many other fun-filled activities.

Rent Cotton Candy Supplies - Signs, Cart, Bags, Cones, Floss

  When you go to rent a cotton candy machine, make sure to rent or buy all of the different supplies you will need to make cotton candy successfully. To ensure that you secure an adequate amount of supplies, tell your ARA-affiliated rental store professional how many servings of cotton candy you will need to make.

How to Use a Rented Cotton Candy Machine

  How to Use a Rented Cotton Candy Machine A rented cotton candy machine turns sugar into cotton candy by first heating the sugar until it becomes a liquid. The spinning head on the cotton candy machine contains little holes. As the head spins, it forces the liquid sugar out through the holes.

Rented Inflatable Units Make Events Extraordinary

  Rented Inflatable Units Make Events Extraordinary Turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary event to remember by renting an inflatable unit. The wide variety of inflatable units available to rent will help ensure that you find one that suits your event perfectly.

Rent Inflatables | Inflatable Games, Toys, Ride Rentals | RentalHQ

  Inflatable units may have started out as only small bounce rides for children’s parties, but the rental options have expanded to include mega-sized, interactive units for all ages and even inflated, themed buildings that can house an event.

Make Safety a Priority When Using a Rented Inflatable Unit

  Make Safety a Priority When Using a Rented Inflatable Unit Options related to inflatable units vary depending on where you rent them. Some rental stores allow customers to pick up and set up smaller inflatable units themselves. Other rental stores send out crews to set up all inflatable units.

Many Occasions Call for Renting a Popcorn Machine

  Many Occasions Call for Renting a Popcorn Machine Popcorn is a treat sure to please children who are finicky eaters, but adults like to eat it as well. Here are some occasions that might call for renting a popcorn machine. Birthday party. A rented popcorn machine can add to the fun of any child’s birthday party, especially a themed celebration.

Popcorn Machine Rental | Rent Popcorn Machines Now | RentalHQ

  Native Americans enjoyed popcorn centuries ago, but it was not until 1893 that Charles Cretors invented the first easily transportable popcorn machine for popping kernels of corn in oil. Now, you can bring the fun of popcorn to your next event, whether it is a birthday party or a carnival, by renting a popcorn machine.

Rent a Popcorn Machine | Local Popcorn Machine Rentals | RentalHQ

  Rental stores that rent popcorn machines usually offer everything needed to make the popcorn. Keep in mind that some rental stores offer discounts if you rent the popcorn machine with other concession items or an inflatable. When you go to rent a popcorn machine, make sure to rent or buy everything you will need to go with it.

Renting a Popcorn Machine? | Local Popcorn Machines for Rent

  Perfect popcorn is within your reach. The following material provides general information on how to use a rented popcorn machine to make it. Your local, ARA rental professionals can provide you with specific instructions for using the popcorn machine that you rent. Safety tips. ·  Only plug rented popcorn machine into a grounded outlet of appropriate volts and amps. ·  Do not cover the rented popcorn machine’s air intake and exhaust holes at the top of the machine. ·  Do not touch kettle on rented popcorn machine while it is hot. ·  Always lift a rented popcorn machine by its base. ·  Keep onlookers at an appropriate distance from rented popcorn machine. ·  An adult should supervise the operation of the rented popcorn machine. Setup. 1.      Place the rented popcorn machine on a stable, level surface, such as a table or counter.

Snow Cone Machine Rental | Rent Snow Cone Machines | RentalHQ

  No matter how you spell it – snow cone, sno-kone, or sno-cone — it all describes a delicious, refreshing treat. Almost every warm-climate country has its version of a snow cone — a beverage made from crushed ice and flavored syrup.

Snow Cone Making Machine Rental | Rent One Locally | RentalHQ

  Rental stores usually carry everything needed to make snow cones, except the ice. When you go to rent a snow cone machine, make sure to rent or buy everything you need. Rental stores may offer the following items related to making snow cones. Snow cone machine.

Rent Snow Cone Machine | Snow Cone Machines Rental | RentalHQ

  You can make delicious snow cones for your guests or customers using a rented snow cone machine. The following material provides general tips on using a rented snow cone machine. Your local, ARA rental professionals can provide you with specific instructions for using your rented snow cone machine.

Rent a Dance Floor to Keep Guests Footloose

  Rent a Dance Floor to Keep Guests Footloose Dancing serves as a key component at many events from corporate parties to festivals to wedding receptions. Depending upon the selected venue of the event, though, a dance floor may not be readily available.

Rent A Dance Floor That Fits Your Event

  Rent a Dance Floor that Fits Your Event When the time comes to rent a portable dance floor, plenty of options are available. The following material describes some of dance floor items offered by rental stores. So many possibilities exist that it makes it easy to find the ideal dance floor for your event. Wood dance floor.

Get Ready to Rent a Dance Floor

  Get Ready to Rent a Dance Floor Your local, ARA-affiliated rental store professionals want to help you rent just what you need to satisfy your unique portable dance floor needs. In order to do so, they often will ask you the following questions when you go to rent a portable dance floor. What type of event are you planning? A black-tie event may call for renting a wood or a black-and-white dance floor, while a plastic dance floor certainly may suffice for a low-budget affair. Will the event be outside? If so, you will need to either rent a waterproof dance floor or take steps to protect the dance floor.

Lighting Equipment Rental | Rent Lighting Equipment Here | RentalHQ

  The more information that you can give lighting experts about your event and rental lighting expectations, the better they will be able to meet your needs. Gather answers to these 10 questions before going to a consultation for renting lighting: 1.      Where will the event take place? 2.      What existing lighting is available at the event venue? 3.      How many guests will attend the event? 4.      What will the guests be doing — eating a sit-down dinner, going through a buffet line, dancing, etc.? 5.      What items —  centerpieces, floral arrangements, ceilings, walls, dance floor, tents poles, etc.

Super Bowl Party Rentals | What to Rent for the Football Party

 (ARA) – To throw a Super Bowl party your friends will never forget, do something unforgettable. It’s easy to create the ultimate football party with some innovative and creative methods to tackle the party-planning details. Whether you’re entertaining in your home, backyard or your favorite local hot spot, there are many ways to incorporate items that will impress your guests and make your party the party they’ll be talking about for years to come. Renting materials from your local American Rental Association rental store is a great way to have access to pieces that are otherwise too expensive in larger quantities.


Rental Makes Parties and Events Memorable

  Rental Makes Parties and Events Memorable The long-awaited event finally had arrived and it promised something for everyone. An arch decorated with multi-colored helium balloons served as the divider that moved those who dared to walk under it from a world full of everyday worries to a carefree setting marked by the savory aroma of butterfly pork chops cooking on a grill. This land offered plenty of entertainment.

Safety, Security, and Comfort

10 Ways to Keep Your Rented Tent Safe

  10 Ways to Keep Your Rented Tent Safe Tent safety begins with proper installation. Rental customers may put up some small canopies themselves, but rental store professionals must install the larger tents for safety reasons. After proper installation of the rented tent, the rental customer must take steps to ensure safe use of the tent.

Tips for Using a Rented Helium Tank Safely

  Tips for Using a Rented Helium Tank Safely Rented helium tanks allow you to fill balloons with helium for hours of enjoyment. Since helium stored in tanks is under high pressure, make sure that you exercise caution when transporting, storing or using a rented helium tank to avoid injury.


Rent Wine Glasses | Find Wine Glass Rental Locations | RentalHQ

  You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to choose the right wine for your wedding event. Your ARA-affiliated rental professionals have done the research for you. The following will not only guide you on which wines will go best with the foods you plan to serve, but will also provide information on types of wines, number of servings per bottle, proper storage of wine and finally the amount of alcohol and calories in various wines.   Food Champagne or Cold Duck Muscatel Port Sherry Tokay Vermouth Wines (Natural Flavored) Wines (Red) Wines (Rose) Wines (White) Appetizers       X   X X       Barbecues               X     Casseroles               X     Cheese               X   X Chops               X     Creamed Dishes                   X Desserts   X X X X           Eggs                   X Fish                 X   Game               X     Ham                 X X Lamb                 X   Mexican Food               X     Pastas               X     Pork                 X   Poultry                 X X Roasts               X     Salads                 X   Seafood                   X Soufflés                   X Steaks               X     Toasts X                   Veal                 X X Types of Wines.

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